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nine responses to “ Thus, what is actually good Kik? ”

nine responses to “ Thus, what is actually good Kik? ”

nine responses to “ Thus, what is actually good Kik? ”

(‘Better, it’s starting to look like it was not just a nasty rumour after all – predicated on profile pop music star Lydia is really previous prime minister Thaksin’s ‘kik’ after all”)

Geez almighty, because the a foreigner in Thailand, exactly how many times maybe you have heard the brand new locals these are its therefore-called ‘kiks’? Ask a few Thai friends towards genuine concept of it the latest trendy word and you’re more than likely to listen so you can a few totally different meanings. Better, which is simply look at this site because they there is no centered definition of the item.

For the majority of, ‘their’ definition of ‘kik’ (pronounced ‘gik’) is basically someone who is actually ‘more a good friend’, men you can go alone having a nice meal which have, see a movie which have or rumors whole-heartedly about your spouse with. For Westerners this person is nothing over an effective friend, a thing that are socially approved. Culturally although not, since ‘friends’ of the opposite sex don’t perform may be together with her with in Thailand (at least not by yourself) the newest urbanites has formulated, only extremely recently, their keyword because of it. And i use the word urbanites, given that visitors within the rural towns, decided not to get away with having a good ‘kik’, to possess as you will know very well what is your organization is and additionally regarding the entire village’s. Truth be told, but over the years, a gift date ‘kik’, within this sense of the problem, could be the same in principle as who you were planning on marrying – you could call it a fianc?e.

For other individuals even in the event, it’s absolutely nothing of your own kind, an effective ‘kik’ is some one you’re that have a casual fling having – a good after week or two naughty circumstance at the some flimsy short-time motel. Differing inside the definition towards the word ‘choo’ (anybody you are having an affair with) since good ‘kik’ is not to be taken certainly, and it does not indicate that you will be cheating some body. But like a great ‘choo’ it’s 100 % free, and you may doesn’t prices ten,100 baht 1 month, unlike an excellent ‘mia noi’ (mistress) if you don’t an excellent ‘pua noi’ (men equivalent of a domme).

Very, there you’ve got it – there are odds you may have a good ‘kik’ or a couple of their (develop regarding the earliest meaning!) and you didn’t even comprehend they!

haha, nice post Stephen! We discovered new sentences I will play with on my Thai bride. lol I’m sure she’ll bonk my personal direct easily titled the woman my personal kik, or even tough my personal mai noi.

I happened to be kik’ed, from the afterwards urban feel, history big date I was inside Thailand. The goals to be used a keen abused by a beneficial Thai lady…..

Good “gik” was an expression for girls and boys, by-the-way. The expression are created when i remaining the country, however, as to the I am aware is that a beneficial gik ‘s the boy/lady you might be enjoying although not exclusively relationship. It might indicate an intimate mate or perhaps someone you’re going away having however exclusively linked with.

Fundamentally, a great gik is a non-committal label for anyone you happen to be viewing. It isn’t a boyfriend/wife, however it is more than just pal-friend.

The relationship may be sexual otherwise might not be intimate

The severity of the connection off a beneficial gik can go away from totally nonsexual (just heading out creating the sweetheart-girlfriend posts but you’re not committed to each other), a one nights stay, a steady butt telephone call, as much as a buddy with masters.

Reminds me personally if the housemaid in the all of our bungalow is expected from the the brand new wife of a missing out on husband “where try Jim”, housemaid answer…”oh, Jim which have pal”…so it without a doubt contributed to a two weeks of fireworks to possess Jim..

Therefore the advantage of which have an effective Thai “gik” in the place of a beneficial Thai sweetheart, form protecting several thousand baht within the support money per month, ha-ha.

For one a kik is a lady that is significantly more crucial than just a friend, but not as important as a female pal.

Issues may have, no matter so you can though you’re already from inside the a genuine matchmaking

oakmonster and you will siam sun are each other absolutely best, the definition of bang pal isnt precisely sincere but it’s best to possess gik

if for example the not in the understand and just have a great romanticised variation of, next awaken farrang as you are taking walks atm matter 555

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